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3 War Rules 23 May, 2017


Dear Gamers,

We are announcing rules regarding channel war, guild war and siege war. We hope that it will help you understand all rules and now there won뭪 be any kind of assistance provided by GM Team.

War Rules

Rule 1: A guild is considered as a sub-guild of the main guild based on war involvement and relationship between the two guilds.

Rule 2: Sub/Allied Guild are allowed to bid another guild town except their allied/main guild. If a guild bid his/her main/sub/allied guild it will be considered as self-bid and actions will be taken against all guilds which are involved.

Rule 3: Guild which wins Channel War for two times can bid in another server towns also Noatun owner is only eligible to bid on another server town.

Rule 4: Using channel war as a tool to farm guild fame is not allowed (For example, if a guild repeatedly break tower of channel more than 1 time without any PK or involvement of 2 different guilds in channel war except sub/allied guild or using sub/allied guild to attack/destroy endless tower to gain guild fame from channel war).

Rule 5: A guild can only own Noatun of 1 channel, if a guild tries to own Noatun of more than 1 channel using sub/allied guild, actions will be taken against guild which are involved.

Rule 6: A guild cannot bid for the next 30 days (restriction might increase based on previous guild available fame) on guild town if the guild has the previous guild members of the guild that own the guild town.

Rule 7: A guild must be careful while biding guild towns because in future GM Team won뭪 provide any kind of assistance with removing guild town ownership.

Violation of rules will result in punishment against following guild and they are as follows:
1st Instance: 24 hrs block on all guild leader involved, 1000 guild fame deduction.
2nd Instance: 3 day뭩 block on all guild leader involved, 2000 guild fame deduction.
3rd Instance: 7 day뭩 block on all guild leader involved, 3000 guild fame deduction.

Note: If a guild repeatedly violates the above rules more than 3 times, strict actions will be taken by Support Team. Guild town and guild fame will be restored as it is before the violation.

Best Regards,

Supreme Destiny Support Team.

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