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1 Tyra Chat Rules 9 January, 2016


Dear Tyranians,

In order to provide good gameplay experience to all our players we have decided to make some Rules which will be followed to regulate chat between players inside the game.

Players who disrespect other users, abuse them, or curse at them will be punished as following:

1st Instance: 1 day chat block
2nd Instance: 3 days chat block
3rd Instance: 1 day account block
4th Instance: 3 days account block
5th Instance: 3 days account block

How to report?
Take "Screen Shot" of following disrespectful words, accuse or abuse with "Date & Time stamp" and submit ticket through "Customer Support" by login to website so we can take action against following player.

What if anyone used sub-account?
If anyone use sub-account for saying disrespectful words, after the 2nd Instance the punishment will be inflicted on their main account.

Note: If anyone try to mislead support team strict action will be taken against the player.

Best Regards,
Supreme Destiny Team

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