• [notice]Time to say Goodbye

    16 November, 2017

    Dear Gamers, We regret to inform you that we will be ending all our services for Tyra server that includes game, cust...

  • [notice]Restriction in Seal Characters

    22 August, 2017

    Dear Gamers, Due to technical issues kindly do not seal the characters in the tyra, players are requested to trade i...

  • [notice]Attention Players

    21 August, 2017

    Dear Players, We would like to inform you that claiming of "Seraf and Tyra Servers Merge" compensation rewards will e...

  • [notice]Migration Maintenance 2

    11 August, 2017

    Dear Players, We would like to announce that we will have a maintenance today at 18:00 Game Server Time in order to m...

  • [update]War Rules

    23 May, 2017

    Dear Gamers, We are announcing rules regarding channel war, guild war and siege war. We hope that it will help you un...

  • [update]Weekend PK Rules

    9 January, 2016

    Dear Tyranians, After getting multiple complaints by our Community we have came to the following set of rules in ord...

  • [update]Tyra Chat Rules

    9 January, 2016

    Dear Tyranians, In order to provide good gameplay experience to all our players we have decided to make some Rules w...

  PlayerName Points
1 SandS 110,000
2 CHN-Libo 106,780
3 -SABOTAGE 93,021
4 JazzSuby 93,011
5 -RIPPER 90,002
6 sachiko 89,970
7 PinkyJones 85,000
8 BRAHMEIRO 84,801
9 Haemonculus 84,500
10 Foxx 84,430
  GuildName Points
2 AKATSUKI 16322
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