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     Getting Started



     Sub Stats

     Basic Character Build

     User Interface


     Basic NPCs

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     Training Camp



     New Players/Newbie Home

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Getting Started

Welcome to Supreme Destiny!! Supreme Destiny is full of mysteries, surprises and excitement. To enjoy it to the fullest, you need to be aware of the different elements of the game. This Newbie Guide is that small step into a gigantic world of wonders.

To level up fast, you need to join New Players/Newbie Home and accomplish 350 Quest. Please check Newbie Home and Quest section in Newbie Guide.

Go ahead, re-discover a whole new world.
Choose your destiny!






New to the game? Here are the basics every new adventurer we should know!
Characters are created using a simple method of picking your character which have attributes..
Apart from the usual (STR) Strength, (INT) Intelligence, (DEX) Dexterity, and (CON) Constitution. Each attribute controls a different aspect of the character and is fully customizable from the start.
Attributes: Choose Wisely!
Name your newly created character (the system will tell you if the name you want has already been chosen).
If you fully understand the effects of each stat, you could create a powerful and distinctive character for your job class.






In Supreme Destiny, each character has four stats. Each stat is explained below:
At each level you gain a number of Status Points. These points can be used to improve your four main Stats. ?
* Strength (STR) :
Increases physical attack damage.
* Constitution (CON) :
Increases maximum Hit Points ?(HP) and the rate at which HP is regenerated.
* Intelligence (INT) :
Increases magic damage, max MP, and MP regeneration rate.
* Dexterity (DEX) :
Increases your attack speed, evasion, physical damage
(Increase Crit Rate for Hunters)

Skill Points:

Skill points are used to learn specific type of skills from a specific type of mastery.
A skill may require a certain level, skill mastery, and skill points.
Growth of a character per level:








Stat Point

Level 1~255

Level 256~300

Level 301~355

Level 356~400







Skill Point

Level 1~200

Level 201~355

Level 356~400











Sub Stats:



Want to play Supreme Destiny better? Learn all the ropes here.
Aside from the four main attributes of Strength, Constitution, Intelligence, and Dexterity there are sub stats that also affect a lot of components in the game. Each are explained below:

- ATK (Attack Damage)
* ATK stands for Attack and gives an indication of how much damage you will do when you hit something physically.
* The visible components of the ATK score are your Strength plus the Atk damage of the weapon you are using together with the options from your armors and accessories.

- MATK (Magic Attack Damage)
* MATK stands for Magic Attack and gives an indication of how much damage a spell will do.
* Any time you use a magical attack, a random number between the Min Matk and Max Matk is generated and that number is used as the attack power (base damage) of every hit in that spell.

- Hit
* Hit refers to your ability to hit a target. It is the opposite of Evasion. Hit rate can be increased by acquiring a Sephira Skill (Concentration).
- Critical
* Critical is your chance of striking a critical blow against a target.
* Each point of Critical increases your ability to cause a critical by 1%.
* Criticals are checked for after seeing if your Hit overcomes the targets Flee.
   So you cannot actually land a Critical if you have no chance of hitting at all.
* A Critical hit always hits for maximum damage.
* You can tell a Critical has landed when you see the big yellow bold number.
* Critical rate of hunters increases as their DEX increases.
* Def means Defense and refers to your ability to reduce damage inflicted on you.
* The left-hand part of DEF is derived only from items of Armor (including any pluses on them).
* The right-hand part of DEF is derived from items of Armor (including any pluses on them) plus all buffs that increase or decrease DEF.

* RESIST means elemental resistance and refers to your ability to reduce magical damage inflicted on you.
* The rate of RESIST is derived from items of Armor (only the Resistance options) and reduces damage by a percentage.
- Evasion
* Evasion is a measurement of your ability to dodge attacks made on you.
* Evasion increases as your DEX increases.

* ASPD stands for Attack Speed and is a measurement of your ability to swing fast.
* ASPD is improved by your the (ASPD option) of the weapons you are wielding, accessories and your DEX.

- HP
* HP stands for Hit Points or Health Points and is a measurement of how long you can sustain damage before your character dies.
* HP is improved by your Base Level by an amount depending on your class. It is also improved by your CON.
* Items that give HP bonuses (except earings by percentage) give an HP Addition of the same size.

- HP Recovery
* HP recovery is the rate at which a character recovers HP.
* HP will recover every 8 consecutive seconds.

- MP
* MP stands for Mana Points and is a measurement of how many skills and spells you can use before your abilities are exhausted.
* MP is improved by your base level and the amount depending on your class. It is also improved by your INT.
- MP Recovery
* MP Recovery is the rate at which a character recovers MP.
* MP will recover every 8 seconds while you are standing and/or walking.




Basic Character Build:



There are four characters, each with different builds.
There are 9 basic and tested builds in Supreme Destiny;
- Transknight

1. Transknight
    Good in Melee Attack because of his powerful weapons and skills.
    One of the toughest and well-balanced build in the game.
    Focuses on Trans skill mastery.

2. Magic Transknight
    This build is good in Magic Attack as his strength.
    One of the toughest massive damage dealing build in game.
    Can focus on Faith or Magic skill masteries.

- Foema

. Battle Foema
    Good in Melee Attack with the help of his great foema buffs.
    Normally uses bow, deals great damage but not as tough as knights.
    Got special magic skills like healing, flash, cure and a lot more that can help on different kinds of situations.
    Focuses on Special Magic skill mastery.

2. Black Foema
    Best massive damage dealers with great AoE spells.
    Deals great amount of damage in a short period of time but are not physically tough.
    Focuses mainly on Black Magic skill mastery.

3. White Foema
    Best support type of character in game.
    Greatly helps in wars and hunting parties.
    Toughest mages in game.
    Can revive dead party mates or guild mates.
    Mainly focuses on White Magic skill mastery.

- Beast Master

1. Elemental Summoner
    Spell caster build of beast master, well-balanced.
    Very tough both on physical and magical damage.
    Can summon creatures that can aid them in battle.
    Mainly focuses on Elemental skill mastery.

2. Pure Summoner
    Best character build for PvE
    Relies mostly on his summons to kill mobs or monsters.
    Mainly focuses on Summon skill mastery.

3. Nature Beastmaster
    Very tough melee type character.
    One of the toughest melee fighters.
    Relies on his transformation skills to boost his stat.
    Mainly focuses on Nature skill mastery

- Hunter

1. Typical Hunter
    Very agile type of character.
    Deals great physical damage but not so tough on physical defense.
    Mainly focuses on Trade skill mastery




User Interface:




Health Points (HP)

Indicates your HP

Mana Points (MP)

Indicates your MP

Mount Health Points

Indicates your mounts HP

Skill Information Window

It indicates the effect of the skill and also its duration time. There is a maximum of 16 skill effects in this window.

Party Window

This window indicates the character hp and level of your party mates.

Chat Display

Press '+' to increase the size of the chat.
Press 'Enter' to be able to write in the chat input window.

Remaining HP potions

Press 'Q' to use the healing HP potions

Remaining MP potions

Press 'W' to use the MP potions


There are a total of 3 lamps in the screen. Every lamp represents the first quarter of your experience. Every quarter, you will get quarter bonus, which restores your hp and mp completely. Once you fill all lamps it means that you level up.

Quarter Lamp

This where you can see the experience bar that fills the quarter lamps

Attack Power

Left side is the physical attack and the right is the Skill attack

Defense Power

Left side is the basic def power, right side is the def power due to skill buffs

Quick Slot Toggle Button

If 10 quick slots are not enough, you can use this button to access the second quick slot window. The hotkey is 'Z'.

Quick Slot Bar

You are allowed to register up to 10 skills in the quick slot bar. To register the skill on the quick slot bar, you need to left click the skill and put it on the quick slot bar. To use the quick slot bar, simply press f1-f10 or 1-0. To remove the skill in the slot, simply press the slot number + 'del' button. To use the skills automatically, press " - " to group the skills in the quick slot bar. When you hold the right click button, it will perform the skill successively. 2-10 skills are allowed to be grouped in the quick slot bar.

Auto Attack Toggle Bar

This will turn on/off the auto attack and indicate the skills that will be continually cast when holding the right-click button.


This show the location and coordinates of the character and/or party members

C.C. Mode toggle button

Turns on/off and lets you choose which type of C.C. mode you want to use. C.C. mode stands for combat control system

Potion Consumption Rate

Adjusts the consumption rate of your potions/ mount feed

C.C. Mode hunting movement

Adjusts the movement of your character while on C.C. mode.
(Magic) mode only supports a stationary movement hunting

Auto Trading

Click on the Menu button then click on auto trade


Available buttons to access the various game windows and options


Hotkey Esc Shows system options

Consumable Items bar

Register consumable items(potion, jewel, mounts feed). This consumable items keyboard is E R T.






choose quick slot bars skill

skill register in quick slot bar

When in auto attack mode, it is possible to link the
 attack skills that you want by pressing '-', the player is
 allowed to link 2 to 10 skills in the skill window

 use HP recovery portion

use MP recovery portion

Feed the mount

use recall scroll

See dropped item name

Make a screen shot. Screen shot is saved in installed fold under screenshot folder as capture0000.jpg.

Check Quest detail

character status window

inventory window

skill window

party window

Minimap window

PK mode On/Off

Guild tag On/Off

auto attack On/Off

character name on/off

Change view: quarter view (Zoom in/out) - Back view (Zoom in/out, Camera moving)
 Zoom in/out: Wheel mouse - 'Alt' + mouse: camera moving up and down

Chatting input window

Optimize chatting window size

Chatting window log view

View recent chat contents

mark date and time and coordinates

open Help screen

Actions, such as laugh, sit and so on.





Basic NPCs :




Cargo Guard
Here is one of warehouses in Supreme Destiny. These Cargo Guards NPCs (non-player characters) are located in the city map of every town. They provide storage service for all users.

Tool Dealers
Aki is one of the Tool Dealers in Supreme Destiny. These Tool Dealers NPCs (non-player characters) are located in the city map of every town. They sell consumables and basic survival stuff. Be sure to visit them to restock on items before doing any quests or hunting on any dungeons

Merchant Nell
Here is one of the Merchant Nell in Supreme Destiny. Merchant Nell is the only merchant in Supreme Destiny that sells premium items. These premium items will greatly help you in your everyday journeys and adventures. Merchant Nell NPCs (non-player characters) are located in the city map of every town




Premium Items :



These premium items will greatly help you in your everyday journeys and adventures. Merchant Nell NPCs (non-player characters) are located in the city map of every town.
To know each premium item function, please check Premium Item section on the website www.supremedestiny.in .




Training Camp :



New to the game? Here are the basics every new adventurer you should know!

In a world devastated by the battle between men and monsters, there's a town where people still gather - Armia.
It is surrounded by castle walls and protected by kingdom knights from the monsters outside.
All players start their journey in Armia.

Newbie Training Camp is a maze like training grounds wherein you are tasked to get an Orcs Emblem by the Trainer Chief and hand it over to him in exchange for some rewards. There are 3 gates and 3 boss monsters guarding each gate. You need to kill these boss monsters in order to acquire the key to unlock the gates. There are 3 trainers that will give you reward when you talk to them after killing a boss monster. There are also Carbuncles that will give you buffs that will greatly enhance your abilities and will make you stronger for a certain period of time.

We strongly advice you to take the Novice Training Course and follow these steps:
1) Talk to Trainer Chief for instructions. If you talk to him, he will tell you what you need to get in order to receive a prize.

2) Go further on the maze until you reach the gates and boss monsters guarding them. Kill every boss monster, get they key, talk to the trainers to get rewards, unlock the gates and find the final boss at the end of the maze.

3) Kill the boss monster and get the Orcs Emblem. Go back to where you started by using a recall scroll or by pressing the ESC key and hitting the change character menu to re-log your character. Then hand over the Orcs Emblem to the Trainer Chief to receive rewards.

Trainer NPCs
Trainer Chief will give you the last reward after you hand over him the Orcs Emblem.
Talk to them after you kill a boss guarding each gate to receive rewards

Carbuncles are friendly creatures that stroll around the world of Supreme Destiny helping new Supreme Destiny players in their journeys.




Chat :



Are you eager to talk to other players? Please remember following commands:

/character name [Content of Chat]

Whisper other players.

/r[Content of Chat]

Reply to the last person who whispers you.

=[Content of Chat]

Party chat, only party members can see it.

-[Content of Chat]

Guild tag on: Guild chat, only guild members can see it.

--[Content of Chat]

Guild tag on: Allies chat, allies and your guild members can see it.

*[Content of Chat]

Display message above players head for 10 seconds.

/character name ![Content of Chat]

Send a message to a certain player, it will disappear when the other player log out.

/snd [Content of Chat]

Shows a notice to message sender



Quests :



350 Quests
There are a total of 13 quests including the Newbie Training Camp quest. The 350 quests mainly focus on helping you to level up faster. Some help you to get better equipments.

The level up quests requires a specific quest ticket in order for you to take them. Monsters will randomly drop the quest ticket. You can get quest items that will give you bonus experience points and help you level up faster.

For more information about 350 quests kindly check GAME INTRO/Quest/350 Quests section on the website.

Event Quests
For more information about Event quests kindly check GAME INTRO/Quest/Event Quests section on the website.

God Class Quests
For more information about Event quests kindly check GAME INTRO/Quest/ God Class Quest section on the website.




New Players/Newbie Home :



Newbie Home is composed of guilds. Each guild has three Game coaches who will play a part in sub-guild leaders. Each server will have one Newbie home.

Game coaches working time:
12:00hrs -16:00hrs, 16:00hrs - 20:00hrs and 20:00hrs - 24:00hrs. Each section of the time is in charged of by different game coaches.

Newbie Home members:
Game coaches will recruit newbies of lvl 1- 255 to Newbie Home FOR FREE and they will help newbies level up and answer their queries with patience. The newbies recruitment process will take place at 12:00hrs ? 13:00hrs, 16:00hrs ? 17:00hrs and 20:00hrs ? 21:00hrs in Armia Town by the respective game coaches who will stay online at that particular time.

The newbies who reach level 256 will graduate from the Newbie Home and will be rewarded with premium item - Shire Horse (30 days), when the newbie reach level 351, will be rewarded with 5 lak powders and 5 million gold. The player should inform the GM through Q&A to add their prizes. The prize might be changed from time to time. (Players who register after September 1st, 2009 will be entitled to get the prize.One account could only get the prize once. add in Newbie Home part.The newbie who creates the character in the game will get a shire horse (15days))

Random event:
Newbie Home events will take place from time to time. For example, during some time, game coaches will be given 10 Water scrolls (N) which should be used for helping Newbie Home members level up.



C.C. Mode :



The cc mode is the automatic attack system that will make your character to attack or cast spells automatically when a monster gets inside your attack range.
The cc mode also helps Supreme Destiny players to enjoy the chatting system while hunting or leveling up.

When you first log in, your C.C mode will be off. You may choose the type of C.C mode you want if you click on the C.C mode button.

How to use C.C Mode

Supreme Destiny players may place their buff skills in the 1st quick slot bar while using the C.C mode to make their characters cast buffs.

[Physic mode]
When the C.C mode is off, you may choose the C.C mode(physic) mode by clicking on the C.C mode button and the character will automatically cast all the buff skills in the 1st quick slot bar then the character will automatically attack all monsters in range with physical damage.

[Magic mode]
When the C.C mode is off, you may choose the C.C mode (magic) mode by clicking on the C.C mode button and the character will automatically cast all the buff skills in the 1st quick slot bar then the character will automatically attack all monsters in range with spells under the auto attack toggle bar (red bar). Fixed ranged hunting and free movement hunting is restricted on Magic mode

[Potion mode]
When the C.C mode is off, you may choose the C.C. mode (potion) by clicking on the C.C mode button and the character will automatically cast all the buff skills in the 1st quick slot bar, then the character will automatically use potions and mount feed if you turn on the potion button and feed button.



Character will automatically attack or cast spells on monsters within your attack range.
Character will automatically use potions when your HP goes down at a certain percentage.
Character will automatically use mount feed when your mounts HP goes down at a certain percentage.
Character will not automatically attack players when youre in a PK zone and your PK mode is on.



Getting Help :



Stuck on a quest?
Got a problem logging in?
Fear not! Supreme Destiny Support Team help is here!

You can reach us through:
- Q&A section
Kindly send a report about your problems, questions, comments, suggestions to our Q&A section, so our Supreme Destiny Support Team may give you some help.
- E-mail support
For any delicate cases and other really important stuff, kindly send an e-mail to support@vibrantcommunications.com
- Supreme Destiny forum section
Our GMs and your fellow players will be more than willing to help you with your adventures in Supreme Destiny!

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