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1464 September Event - Vibrant Promotion Event!!!! 9 September, 2012


Vibrant Promotional Rewards!!!

Get more value for your Vibrant Money purchases this month. Purchase the following denominations of Vibrant Money and get your favorite premium items absolutely for free!

Main Rewards:

Buy 50 -100 Vibrant Money and get 5 Pcs Essence (except FireTiger essence) of your choice.

Buy 101 - 150 Vibrant Money and get one piece +9 Grade E(Mortal Class) Perfect option Weapon or one piece +9 Grade E(Mortal Class) Perfect option Armor .

Buy 151 -200 Vibrant Money and get one piece +9 Grade E (God Class) Perfect options Armor.

Buy 201 -250 Vibrant Money and get one piece +9 Grade E Legendary (Mortal Class) Perfect options Armor.

Buy 251- 299 Vibrant Money and get Hippogriffin Egg or Dragon Egg or Sleipnir Egg or Svaldifari Egg or Bloody Griffin Egg.

Buy 300- 350 Vibrant Money and get +1 Mount Upgrades (max. level: 100).

Additional Grand Rewards:

Buy 1000 Vibrant Money and get Spirit Stone Grade F (AD/PD) +0 with Option:
Spirit Stone Option:
Critical - 2% Base Critcal
Health - 4% Base Health
Mana - 4% Base mana
Resistance - 20 Divinity resistance

Buy 3000 Vibrant Money and get +1 Upgrade for Mortal/God items (max upgrade of + 13).

These rewards can be achieved after accumulating the required vibrant money through this month only.
You can gain this rewards in addition to the main rewards if you purchased vibrant money equivalent to the amount stated above.

GM Dante bought on 5th May 500 vibrant money, then on the 10th of May he bought 700 vibrant money, then at the 30th of May he bought 200 vibrant money, he is eligible to win:
+4 Mount Upgrades (max. level: 100) (that is the main rewards) and
1 Spirit Stones with options (that is the additional rewards).

Best regards,
Supreme Destiny Team

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