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1448 Indian Independence Day Celebration @ Aden Serv 14 August, 2012


Dear Gamers,

Freedom is essential for all countries and people around the world, that's why we at Vibrant are glad to celebrate Indian Independence Day. Don't miss the golden opportunity to level up easily at Closed Beta Aden Server and grab the valuable rewards on Open Beta Aden server.


Participants need to create a new single account at Aden Server on 15th August starting from 00:00 hour Game Time .

Click here to register new account!!!

Players need to start leveling at Aden server through the whole day and reach the maximum level they can achieve.
Participants need to submit two screenshots with date and time, one with the created character at the time of creating it, while other with the character at its final level.

Event Rules and Regulations:

Account need to be created on 15th August at Aden Server, any earlier registrations will not be counted.
In order to claim the reward participants has to submit a ticket on Q&A section before 16th August 2012 with a caption as 밒ndependence Day Event
Any screenshot that doesn't include date and time will not be accepted.
Highest Level to be considered is the level reached at 15th August, 23:59:59 Game time.
PK During that day is not allowed.
Any player claiming multiple rewards for same account will be given a proper sanction.
Players will get regular level up rewards on Closed Beta Aden server.
Any Characters leveled up after 00:00GMT on 16th August will not be eligible to claim rewards.
Experience Box will be available at NPC "GiveAway Master" for 50M gold at Aden server

Even Period:
15th August 2011

Level 250 to 300: 10 Oriharukon Powders & 10Million Gold
Level 300 to 351: 10 Laktorerium Powders & 20Million Gold
Level 352 to 385: +7 D Grade weapon 28Map/63Dmg
Level 385 to 399: +7 God Ancient weapon statless
Level 400: God Pack of your choice


All the rewards will be given once Aden turns to Open Beta, Prizes might be changed without prior notice.

Thanks for your support

Best Regards,
Supreme Destiny Team

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