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19 Supreme Destiny: Evolution-X Update!! 9 May, 2012


Greetings Dear Armians,
The evolution wind have started to blow on the world of Supreme Destiny once more to move us one step closer to the Xtreme Rebirth of our world. The evolution will finally begin.

Title: 밪UPREME DESTINY: Evolution-X
1. Server Name Change
Server name will be changed to 밪eraf instead of 밃rmia
2. Website Modifications.
3. New Notice System.
4. New Live Support System for instant interaction with GMs.
5. Item Changes
Some items characteristics will be changed, example: Zealot Seal
6. New Item Release
7. Online Shop Prices Revised.
8. Bonus Experience Activated In Nightmare Zones.
9. Revision of Hidden Ruins drops
Hidden Ruins drops have been totally changed with the introduction of new drops, Example: Bloody Griffin Essence, Hippo Griffin Essence, Griffin Essence뀉. Etc
10. Clue of Runes drops revision.
11. Master Class System Updates
Total changes in Master Class system along with the introduction of new Master God Classes.
12. Forging of Unique Items have been extended to plus 15.
13. Forging of Celestial Items have been extended to plus 15.
14. And More뀉뀉.

Expected Release for Evolution-X 18th of May, then we will start preparation for the XTREME Edition our massive update.

Stay tuned for more news and more information to be leaked from behind the scenes.

Best Regards,
Supreme Destiny Team

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