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18 Supreme Destiny Xtreme Update!! 17 April, 2012


Greetings Dear Armians,
Some players were spreading rumors for an incoming update, and we are pleased to verify that, Supreme Destiny is preparing for the biggest update that ever happened to the game,
Title: 밪UPREME DESTINY XTREME: The Awakening

Sneak Peak:
1. Story Line Quests. (볾den VS 밪eraf)
2. NEW SKILLS (Not just Modification).
3. New Website.
4. New Mortal Quests.
5. Experience Quests extended till gods level 350.
6. Internal Game Guides.
7. New God Quests.
8. Revision of Hidden Ruins drops.
9. Master Class System Updates.
10. Gym Battles and World Class Championship.
11. New Kingdom Ranks System till you become a King.
12. New Items.
13. New Mounts.
14. Bonus Experience Revision on Nightmare.
15. New Boss Monsters.
16. Forging of Weapons Extended to plus 15 Unique and Celestial.
17. Forging of Armors Extended to plus 15 Unique and Celestial.
18. Additional Features: Ability of hiring a GM, Collecting Badges for the World League ladder, defeating the Gym Leaders, Killing Fire Tiger Boss 꿦tc.

Expect more and more and never expect less, till now no expected date for the launch, beta tests should begin with giveaway events though the beginning of May, remember to gather all your friends to play with you, the players who play with their friends will be eligible for huge rewards once the update is released.

Stay tuned for more news and more information to be leaked from behind the scenes.

Best Regards,
Supreme Destiny Team

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