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1361 Be A Hero Event Final Round Schedule!!! 23 March, 2012


Dear Armians,

Below is the schedule for Final round of Be A Hero Event,

Matches of the Final Round will be done on Tuesday 27/3 at 20:00 GT:

Mortals Matches (1 VS 1)
1st Match: Cancelation vs TheMapFoema.
2nd Match: SILVER-BLADE vs ProTK1.
3rd Match: MonsterBlade vs Gryphon.

Gods Matches (1 VS 1)
1st Match: HubertuS vs DeViL-JiN
Finally MappeR vs winner of 1st Match.

Celestials Matches (1 VS 1)
1st Match: AbsoluteKyro vs I-AM-Ace-
2nd Match: -LeWy- vs -ActTheFool-
3rd Match: Remixi vs winner of 1st Match.

Note: Each match consists of 5 minutes for both players to PK and once the 5 minutes have passed GMs Team have the right to determine the winner of the match.

Best Regards,
Supreme Destiny Team.

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