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15 Patch Release Notes V2.2, Happy New Year!! 11 January, 2012


Dear Armians,

Hohoho.....,The Christmas patch is our Christmas treat. It has much new features and modifications that we hope all our gaming community to enjoy it.

Supreme Destiny: Season Two, Episode I: The Christmas Patch Version 2.2!!!!

Find out more on our Exclusive Patch Preview:

Patch Release Notes:

New Features 2.2:

1. New Interface
All new looking interface, It looks absolutely stunning. It looks more modern, with new cool looking icons and items, black color and transparent menus.

Since we always appreciate our gamers taste, you can choose between either applying the new interface or stay on the old one, it is your choice based on your taste, but we assure you that the new interface is magnificent.

Please check the interface notice to follow the instructions within to apply the new interface. Click Here! .

2. Christmas Additons
A Santa NPC is added in Armia to giveaway Christmas gifts, also Christmas trees are spread across all the towns.

Please check December event notice to participate on our live show Christmas events and win awesome rewards.

3. New Mortal Level up Rewards
- Mortals now can get the following rewards up on leveling.
Level 2 will get Shire Horse 15 days
Level 30-34 will get Perfect A Grade Armor +8
Level 35 will get Normal C Grade Weapon 54dmg/24map +5
Level 80-83 will get Perfect C Grade Armor +5
Level 130 will get Normal D Grade Weapon 54dmg/24map +3
Level 255 will get Pegasus Egg of 3 Critical incubation
Level 351-355 will get Perfect D Grade Armor +0
Level 370 will get D Grade Gloves and Boots +9 Stateless (can be used either equipped as +9 armor or boosters to do ancient weapons)
Level 399 will get D Grade Breast and Pants +9 Stateless Stateless (can be used either equipped as +9 armor or boosters to do ancient weapons)
Level 400 will get Silver Circlet +9 (UNTRADEABLE)

Any mortal who passed the levels above will not receive the specified rewards for that level, so in order to get it; you should start a new mortal, sending QnA asking for rewards is not considered.

4. Nell Finally Back:
Santa have negotiated with Nell and convinced Nell to come back to Supreme Destiny with super potential, also Nell will be on Big Sale till the Christmas finish, and will do special vibrant promotional rewards only during the Christmas days!!!!!, so it is your chance to grab what you need before the time is up.

1. Check the Christmas Vibrant Promotions Notice for more details. Click Here! .

2. Nell now is fully optimized, which means every single confirm you press, will purchase the desired item instantly, so please take care when you press confirm, because every single click, make you purchase the item, just close Nell after you press 1 time confirm and the item will be in your cargo waiting for you.

5. Santa NPC:
Christmas arrived and Santa arrived in Armia giving away santa sets for just 2 million gold, so grab yourself one quickly!!!!!!!!!!!

Kindly be reminded that all santa sets will be expired on the 15th of January.

Modifications of version 2.1:

1. Battle Dungeon System
Since we have found that all our gamers loved our new Battle Dungeon System, we have lowered the medals required to get the rewards from all NPCs, to fit all types with proportional value, to be as follows:
1. Players can exchange every 30 medals for 1 bead at Collectors NPCs in Mystic Land.
- 25 Green Medals can be exchanged for 1 Game Room Bead (N) at the Green Collector.
- 25 Blue Medals can be exchanged for 1 Game Room Bead (M) at the Blue Collector.
- 25 Red Medals can be exchanged for 1 Game Room Bead (A) at the Red Collector.

2. Players can exchange every 30 Game Room Bead for various special items:
- 25 Game Room Bead (N) can be exchanged for one of the following:
a) Ancient Kerykeion 28 MAP at the Staff Master in Mystic Land.
b) Ancient Bhopal Sword 63 DMG at the Sword Master in Mystic Land.
c) Ancient Victory Spear 28 MAP at the Spear Master in Mystic Land.
d) Ancient Heaven Bow 63 DMG at the Bow Master in Mystic Land.

- 25 Game Room Bead (M) can be exchanged for one of the following:
a) Ancient Thorn Of Zen Statless at the Staff God in Mystic Land.
b) Ancient Thorn Of Shard Statless at the Sword God in Mystic Land.
c) Ancient Thorn Of Garve Statless at the Spear God in Mystic Land.
d) Ancient Thorn Of Isis Statless at the Bow God in Mystic Land.

- 10 Game Room Bead (A) can be exchanged for one of the following:
Othel Rune at the Celes Master in Mystic Land.

- 15 Game Room Bead (A) can be exchanged for one of the following:
60 Warrior Seals at the Soul Master in Mystic Land.

In case that players require a different type of weapon other than the ones that is delivered by the NPCs, the player s are required to send a QnA after exchanging the medals with one of the NPCs.

2. God and Mortals Experience Quest: 351- 399:
- Players can join the event by talking to Demi God NPC at Azran Boat after paying 1 million of gold as an entrance fee.
- Inside, players need to hunt Demi Lord and his Minions in order to drop Fairy Dust.
- Each 30 Fairy Dust can be exchanged with One Level at NPC Zangets beside Demi God at Azran Boat.

3. Newbie Battle Ground:
-The drop rate of purple medals and essences as well the rate of monsters respawn has been increased.
- Players can Enter Newbie Battle Gound 1 by talking to the Newbie Trainer in Armia Town or the Pro Trainer NPC for Ground 2 at Azran Boat.
- Inside the training grounds players will have the chance to drop perfect stat Armors and Weapons.
- The monsters inside will also drop Mount Boxes which can be exchanged for different types of mounts at the Gold Dragon in Armia Town.
- The Monsters will be dropping Purple Medals that can be exchanged at Medal Exchanger (The Ant-Tree) inside the Newbie Battle Ground.
Each 5 Purple Medals can be exchanged for 1 Ori Powder.

4. Kingdom War:
- Kingdom War will take place every Sunday at 00:00 Game time.
- Kingdom War will take place on the hot server.
- Players will get sorted according to their Kingdom, where Blue Kingdom members will need to fight against Red Kingdom members.
- The kingdom that can kill the opposite king first will be considered the winner.
- The player that gives the finishing blow for the King will get Kephra Mark.
This item can be exchanged for:
1.100mil Gold.
2.Adding 350 guild fame to the guild that the player belongs to.
3.Deduction of 350 guild fame from any guild that he/she choose from the opposite kingdom.
4.The Server that this player belongs will have 30% of the taxes from Kingdom of Nauten from one of the three servers moved to their server based on his/her choice.

5. Reviewed Drops:
Desert and Snowfield monster drops have been reviewed and changed, also fixing some invisible weapons dropped from some monsters.

All the rewards for the new quests are untradeable, to ensure the game stability and in order not to damage our community economy.

Kindly Click Here for extra details about the older version 2.1.

Information above may change anytime without prior notice.

Thanks for your support and stay tuned for more news about our exclusive updates.

Best Regards,
Supreme Destiny Team.

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