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The Academy system is composed of several academies and each academy will have their own respective game coaches. The current Academies are divided according to regions or languages majorly spoken by our players. The main purpose of this system is to transfer the experience and expertise about Supreme Destiny to our new players and create a healthy game community.

How to join:

Any players may join the Academy of his region or language by asking the game coach to recruit him. You can find the game coach on either Armia 1 or Armia 2 server and ask them to invite you in their academy at the following times:
(Shift Times)

Benefits of this system:

  1. The New Players will get help from our Expert game coaches with leveling through the water sessions and knowing the game basics and guiding them through the game quests.
  2. The Game Coaches will answer the questions of the players and will help them as much as they can with the answers.
  3. Free Water Scroll quest will be held on different shifts to help the new players level up faster.
  4. Graduation Rewards for Level 355 are as follows
    The Mortal characters who reach level 355 will win one set of D Grade Armor Perfect Stats +0 (N) with one of the following stats:
    a) Perfect Damage:
         Breastplate: 30 Dmg/7 Critical
         Pants: 30 Dmg/7 Critical
         Gloves: 30 Dmg/30 Defense
         Boots: 30 Dmg/18 Skill Mastery
    b) Perfect Map:
         Breastplate: 30 Defense/10 Map
         Pants: 30 Defense/10 Map
         Gloves: 30 Defense/10 Map
         Boots: 30 Dmg/10 Map
    Note: The character needs to be in one of the two academies to be qualified to win the graduation rewards and the account should be registered in or after March 2011.
  5. Game Coaches Exist there to help players and guide them and give them advice.
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